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Sarah Jessica Parker's First-Ever Shoe Collection Has Arrived

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    Last month, The Coveteur treated us to a sneak peek of Sarah Jessica Parker's first-ever shoe collection. To say we were excited is a gross understatement. (So. Much. Pretty.) Ever since photos of the actress' covetable footwear hit the web, we've been counting down the days until we could scoop 'em up and claim them as our own. What with 2014 marking 10 years since Sex and the City's series finale, it seems only fitting that the sartorially adventurous Parker took her love and devotion to the fashion industry one step further. And, with shoes that are nothing short of fabulous.

    Now, after much anticipation, you can finally walk in the heels of Carrie Bradshaw. Well, sort of. The SJP line makes its big-girl debut exclusively at Nordstrom, with price points ranging from $195 to $500 — now, that’s what we call staying true to your character. But, even though they run on the expensive side, that won't stop us from ogling every sophisticated and fun pump, flat, and sandal.

    Colors, which Parker has deemed "the new neutral,” are the line's core. The classic single sole — a signature of the oft-referenced show — sees a well-timed resurgence here, too. And, just as the platform-heel trend steps out of the spotlight. Trust us when we say this is not one of those wishy-washy celebrity brands; it all feels totally true to the budding designer and her style legacy.

    In celebration, we're taking a look back at the glory days of SATC while we try to figure out which shoe to buy first. Maybe it's just us, but we think we've figured out SJP's inspiration. Click ahead to see for yourself.

    Photo: REX USA.

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