Boring Nails? Put A Beyoncé On It

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    Pretty might hurt, but having a lame, unkempt nail-do hurts more. That's where Emerging Thoughts comes in. It enlisted illustrator Sara M. Lyons to create ten different nail decals inspired by Beyoncé, Yoncé, Queen B, she who needs no introduction, et cetera.

    Ring the alarm because Lyons has brought some serious D.I.Y. superpower to your manicure. Though science hasn't proven that these decals will enable their wearer to wake up as the Queen herself, they pack enough girl power to make one beylieve in the possibility. With Yoncé-isms like the "Why Don't You Love Me" decal, plus tiny Hova domes, and a #surfbort, inspiration to run whatever world you wake up in is just a fingernail away.

    Plus, unlike Beyoncé's last album, you don't have to spend a year wondering when these will come out. They're available right now; so go ahead and upgrade your nail game. Office job or not, we'll be rocking these on the reg — especially into the freakum-dress hour. Care to join us? Click through to see all the digit decorations.

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