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Did Alexander Wang Just Make The Sports Bra Cool?

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    When you're Alexander Wang, the "rules" don't necessarily apply to you (ahem, Brooklyn Navy Yard). Instead, you kind of make them up as you go along. After all, being a leading innovator in today's fashion industry means you basically have a hand in deciding what is and is not cool. So, it's actually no surprise that his other line, T by Alexander Wang, would tackle one of our admittedly not-so-sexy undergarments and re-imagine it altogether. Yep: Wang is putting his spin on sports bras. And, no, you won't find these styles at the gym.

    What with the sheer trend still going strong (not to mention its ubiquity within Wang's own spring '14 collection), it's about time a designer fashioned underpinnings to wear with these ever-present, see-through looks. And, by underpinnings we definitely aren't referring to anything lacy or feminine. Instead, we're talking leather bralettes, satin triangle bras, and enough crisscross backs and bandage straps to have you reeling with memories of your high school locker room. (We'll leave it to you to decide whether that's a good thing or not.)

    What we're most excited about? Now we totally have the right bandeau to wear under our "Parental Advisory Explicit Content" sheer-panel top. Here's to a healthy dose of teenage angst — with the proper coverage, of course.

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