Beards, Witches & Lens Flares: This Is What 2014 Will Look Like

If anyone has a beat on what this new year might look like, it's the folks over at Getty Images, the stock photo agency responsible for pretty much every image you see online. So, when they predict the top visual design trends for 2014, we listen.
Some of their predictions feel a bit dated, like "beards" for example. Clearly whoever thought that one up hasn't been to New York in a while. Also, their notion that "Instagrammy food shots" will define the way we see food in 2014 feels like a prediction that should have been made at the beginning of 2013. On the other hand, we totally back their calling witches "The new pop culture queens." With two big-budget epics featuring women with brooms, Maleficent and Into The Woods due later this year, witches will definitely be ubiquitous in 2014. Other trends that the creative class will be peddling in 2014 include diverse women, multi-racial models, and of course soccer, with the World Cup coming this summer. But why have us list them off for you when you can check them out for yourself in this totally awesome infographic below. (iStock)