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What Movie Does Your Valentine's Day Call For ?

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    It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means one of two things. The first: You’re on your way to lookout point to put the moves on, or if you’re lucky, have the moves put on you. The second: You’re resigned to spending the night alone, wallowing in self-pity, because that’s what single people are supposed to do on V-Day, right? Well, we’re here to tell you no. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of wondering why no one cho-cho-chose you, why not take this opportunity to lose yourself in the magic of the moving image! After all, movies were made for us to escape whatever dreariness we’re dealing with in the real world, and there’s nothing more dreary than being nose deep in a tub of ice cream on Valentine’s Day.

    And, because we feel for all the single folk who will be celebrating this dreaded holiday alone (and because we’re right there with you), we’ve curated a list of movies for all your Valentine’s Day scenarios. Whether you’re spending the night with your besties, or if you’re only companion is a bottle of cheap Chardonnay, it really doesn’t matter. We’ve got the major motion picture for you!

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