12 Inspiring Couples Who Can't Be Kept Apart

We all know what happened to Romeo and Juliet. We saw what went down with Hamlet and Ophelia, and each of us shed a tear for Jack and Rose. But, not every great romance needs to end in heartbreak, tragedy, and — for five of the six previously mentioned folks — death. Instead, through desperate, devious, or sheerly determined means, those who are truly meant to be have been known to tough it out, even if it means, you know, risking it all.
So, for the Valentine's Day release of Endless Love, we wanted to celebrate those who stop at nothing when it came to being together. This means that parents, evildoers, natural disasters, and even society can't keep these lovers from loving. Oh, and we've got an extra-special treat (read: giveaway) at the end of our roundup. Because we love you. Endlessly.
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He's beautiful; she's crazy. And, while Nicole's father warns Carlos to stay away from her, fortunately, he doesn't listen. An epic tale for all time, and a movie with some pretty darn hot make out sessions.
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Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen were actually a couple when they filmed their story about a con man trying (unsuccessfully) to get a fresh start with his lovely young wife. Corrupt cops, bank robbers, and a grumpy hotelier all stand in their way, but Carol will do anything for her man. (And, we do mean anything.)
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Ah, yes. The old stripper-at-an-ironworks-who-falls-for-her-boss trope. Alex is rough around the edges, has interesting taste in dinner attire and a bit of a temper, but never has a "girl on the wrong side of the tracks" story worked better than when it is set in a dance movie. (See: Strictly Ballroom.) Despite their very different backgrounds, Nick seems to agree: Alex is kind of the best.
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True Romance

You wouldn't think that Detroit and "true love" go together, but one adorable call girl and a very handsome Christian Slater prove that in the most desperate situations, True Romance will prevail.
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Before Sunset

At the beginning of the film, Jesse is faced by three journalists: A romantic, a cynic, and a realist. This film has elements of all three, and the quixotic night in the previous film hangs over the sequel with promise unfulfilled. Other couples have to combat external forces, but Jesse and Céline's struggle is much more existential. Never has wanting a married man to leave his wife felt so...right.
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Space Balls

A Druish princess and a space hustler don't seem like a viable couple, but thankfully, Prince Valium is a bit of a snooze. Clearly, this pairing is the most hilarious in the galaxy.
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Save the Last Dance

Another couple separated by social/cultural tensions who manage to work it out through dance, STLD may not be exactly nuanced in its treatment of sensitive racial tensions, but hey, it was a simpler time. A young Kerry Washington and a bunch of "hip-hop dancing" make their appearance, but the real story is both Derek and Sara overcoming their respective, painful pasts in order to be together. And dancing. A lot of dancing.
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Much Ado About Nothing

Beatrice and Benedick may face the greatest roadblock of them all: They don't like each other. Not only are they not a fan, but each is so critical of the other's sex that the two engage in a war of the words that is nearly legendary, even in Shakespeare's world. But, in the same way that kids hide a crush they are harboring, it is through this exact verbal sparring that the two fall in love.
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Jake Sully isn't even Na'vi, and he still manages to get the girl in the end. Species transference! Now that is quite an obstacle to overcome.
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An Affair to Remember

Perhaps the most iconic representation of two lovers whose paths have led them astray, this film changed the way the entire world looked at the Empire State Building. For the record, it is also a great example of why honesty should always be the best policy. There is no better overcoming of adversity than the old line, "If you can learn to paint, I can learn to walk again!" Sorry guys, don't think it works that way...
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Not only are the gals in D.E.B.S. engaging in an elicit affair, but Lucy (played by a young Jordana Brewster) is actually a villain and Amy is a member of a top-secret spy network. Ruh-roh. This Juliet and Juliet story encourages an evildoer to change her ways for her beloved — by way of an amazing sing-along montage. Nothing proves that love exists like a bad girl gone good for her one true love.
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Endless Love

Hell hath no fury like teenage hormones scorned. One of the best parts about Endless Love is that it certainly is a twist on the Romeo & Juliet story (in fact, the director of the original Brooke Shields version also directed the 1968 Shakespearean classic). But here, instead of Capulets, you have overprotective parents and that classic, classic tale: Love born on the opposite ends of the "track." (Where is this track, anyway? Can't we just tear it down at this point?)