Thor: The Dark World's Blooper Reel Is Heavy On Hemsworth & Hiddleston Hilarity

Green screens, flyaway capes, flubbed lines, practice slaps, four-letter words, and pratfalls? One need look no further than this Thor: The Dark World blooper reel to realize that movie-making really isn't as glamorous as it seems. Oh, and kissing Chris Hemsworth? Totally not so dreamy once his hair gets caught in your mouth.
Slightly more entertaining than the film itself, the gag reel shows Tom Hiddleston vogueing in a very non-Loki manner, Rene Russo cursing like a sailor, and Natalie Portman breaking into laughter throughout (not that we blame her). Even studly Hemsworth gets into goofball mode, as his cape flies straight into his face, his hammer breaks, and he and Loki fall on their butts. It's hard out there for a Norse superhero — especially when a pint-sized Oscar winner keeps smacking you in the face.
Break out the popcorn and settle in for a few minutes of hilarity. We know gag reels are all about the things that go wrong, but can something starring Hiddleston and Hemsworth be anything but right? Heck, no.

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