Madewell & Jean Stories Proclaim Denim Love, Layer To Perfection

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    If we had to spend the rest of our lives in jeans only, we'd be okay with it. In fact, we'd hardly complain. But, our affection is probably nothin' compared to how much the ladies behind Jean Stories adore this staple. Back in November, Jane Herman Bishop and Florence Kane, two former Vogue editors, launched the site as a space to proclaim their love for all things denim — well, theirs and some major fashion insiders'. And, in this exclusive first look, we see the result of what happens when the duo teamed with another jean expert: Madewell.

    Going live today, the photos capture Bishop and Kane in a plethora of denim-filled looks. There are chambray tops, jumpsuits, jackets, and washes of every color. But, there may be one more secret to these layered-to-perfection outfits: As Kane puts it, “if you get the fit right, denim is one of the most flattering things you can wear."

    This feature certainly flips the switch on the women who normally stand behind the scenes of Jean Stories, and we're loving their moment in the spotlight. Click on to see the photos, and be sure to check out the full story at Madewell, where the experts enlighten us on just how special it is to find a great piece of denim. "They’re the one thing in our closet that really gets better with age, that we keep even if we stopped wearing them long ago," says Bishop. Amen to that.

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