Selena Gomez Admits Secret Rehab Stint Last Month

Here's some celebrity news we didn't see coming: Selena Gomez's PR has confirmed that the former Disney star underwent a secret two-week stint in rehab last month for "emotional issues." According to a report by Radar, the pop star quietly checked into The Meadows on January 5 following "months of partying." Based in Arizona, The Meadows is the same clinic where Elton John, Donatella Versace, and John Galliano have sought help.
The official word is that Gomez was not treated for substance abuse issues. However, sources say she had allegedly been dabbling with pot and prescription drugs like Ambien. Others cite on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber, who was pulled over for driving under the influence last month in Miami, as a bad influence and drain on the young singer's emotions.
Wow. Well, good on Gomez for seeking help. Two weeks seems like a short time, so hopefully she's taking the proper precautions to heal, reflect, and bounce back. (Oh No They Didn't!)

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