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Does This "Beauty" Guide For Drug Addicts Go Too Far?

1cokePhoto: Courtesy of Diurex.
This is your beauty regimen...on drugs? We've seen more than our share of "just say no" anti-drug PSAs, but The Style Con's new beauty guide, "Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Drug Addiction," seriously isn't pulling any punches. A blood-red nail polish to match your nosebleeds? Diuretics to combat coke bloat? MAC sculpting powder to fix a "smushed-in" nose ("or, you know, do whatever Kate Moss did. That b***h’s nose only looks better, IMHO")? Wow.
Obviously, this is satire, not a straight-up service piece (unless you happen to find the tips useful — no judgment). It's not written by Cat Marnell, but rather by Jenny Bahn, who expresses a clear disdain for the cokehead lifestyle. "While I personally stay away from the stuff because I don’t want to look 40 in two years (that horror will come soon enough)," she writes, "you can do whatever your strained, palpitating, arrhythmia-plagued heart desires." Using NARS The Multiple to eliminate a "deathly pallor," Neosporin to kill nasal bacteria, and condoms to prevent any drug-fueled pregnancies might actually be practical considerations, but they're clearly hammering in the point that doing blow isn't nice and it certainly isn't glamorous.
Here's the question: Is mocking a drug problem actually useful? We're not looking for an afternoon special, but something a bit more sensitive to a serious issue might be in order. What do you think? Is this guide spot-on, or in bad taste? (The Style Con)