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Kristen Stewart's Effortless Style Guide

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    She slouches too much. Why can't she ever look happy? What's the deal with her clothes? People have a lot of strong feelings about Kristen Stewart, and they aren't afraid to publicly vent them. But, you know what? K. Stew could not care less about her haters.

    If there's anyone in Hollywood who has mastered looking effortlessly cool, it's Stewart. From her tossed-just-so strands to her artfully smudged liner, the girl is the embodiment of IDGAF cool. Nowhere is that more evident than in her latest ads for Balenciaga, where the actress poses seminude in the brand's visuals for its newest perfume, Rosabotanica. Centered around a heart of "spicy vegetal rose," the scent features citrus, green fig leaves, and white wood accords for a modern, feminine, and very sexy fragrance.

    We sat down to talk with Stewart about her role with Balenciaga and yes, those sultry photos. Dressed in head-to-toe Spring 2014 Balenciaga — including the most insanely gorgeous rose-gold cuff/work of art — Stewart was frank, candid, and totally down to dish. Besides letting those gossip sites know what she really thinks about clickbait headlines, Stewart also dished on everything from her undying love of dry shampoo to her thoughts on mastering effortless style. She also shared her secret to the smudged-just-right liner look. Hint: It doesn't involve a billion makeup brushes and some crazy-complicated 10-step technique.

    Read on for her unfiltered view on beauty, style, Hollywood, and everything in between.

    Balenciaga Rosabotanica, $100, available at Nordstrom.

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