Andy Samberg Skis Through NYC, Letterman Critiques His Form

Leave it to Andy Samberg to find the silver lining in just about anything. And, now that includes the snow-ridden chaos New York is experiencing this week. Yesterday, Samberg teamed up with David Letterman to hit the slopes. And, by slopes, of course we mean Broadway — the comedian-turned-actor grabbed a pair of skis and not-so-swiftly made his way down the snowy streets of Manhattan.
We could really go for some Samberg jokes here. Like, how he's skiing like a boss. But, instead, we find ourselves with so many concerns. Where are his goggles? Why isn't he wearing a brightly colored safety vest? How is he propelling forward without a black diamond trail beneath him? Alas, we should know better than to question such an event. We're just going to accept that this happened, and feel happy about it. (TMZ)