The 15 Most Iconic Grammy Moments That Are Still Buzzing

GRAMMY_0Photo: BEImages.
Ah, the Grammys. The one award show that lets the celebrity freak flag fly (excluding the VMAs). It's the one time all your faves get together under one roof while their respective fandoms prep the perfect "your fave could never" comeback for social media. Though the nominees of late have felt a little, erm, late (we hate to break it to ya, but Zedd, Best New Artist nom, has been around for a while), we've tuned in year in and year out, and this year will be no different.
To be honest, it's the potential of watching something wild happen live on TV that keeps our interest. Sure, the awards are important, but there's nothing like witnessing Lady Gaga arrive in a freakin' egg, before our eyes. The Grammys provide golden water cooler fodder. Heck, we'd probably have some viral dance movement akin to the "Harlem Shake" called the "Soy Bomb" had Twitter been around during the time Bob Dylan was soy bombed. It's moments like this one that define this pinnacle event, which is why we've gathered up the 15 most definitive Grammy happenings (in no particular order) that've kept us talking years after they happened. So, let's take a lil' stroll down memory lane — complete with plunging necklines and lip-sync scandals. Study up, y'all; Trivia is always fabulous filler when a performance goes to pits.
Jennifer Lopez's Versace Dress (2000)
It's the plunge heard around the world. J.Lo made Versace a household name and cemented herself as the early-Aughts sex symbol. Now, no matter how deep a V-neck one wears, someone will undoubtedly reference Lopez's chiffon frock.

Bob Dylan's Soy Bomb (1998)
Bob Dylan's performance of "Love Sick" was going pretty swimmingly until a dude emblazoned with the phrase "Soy Bomb" hopped on stage and started to, uh, dance. Dylan, however, threw side eye and motored on through the song. Instantly, Dylan's comeback performance became one we'll never forget.

A Very Pregnant M.I.A. Hits The Stage (2009)
Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and T.I. banned together to put on one of the most epic hip-hop performances in Grammy history. Dressed in tuxedos, the group created a modern-day Rat Pack (er, Rap Pack). Grammy gold, however, came when M.I.A., who was on the brink of labor, hit the stage and killed it.

Beyoncé & Prince (2004) — though simply putting these two names in one phrase is convincing enough.