21 Rustic Home Goods That Bring The Ski Lodge To You

Not all of us can casually jet off to Aspen for the weekend (okay, so we're jealous). Heck, plenty of us don’t even know how to ski! But, we’re not letting a few, minor details stop us from living out our ultimate winter getaway at home. Really, why wouldn't you want to bring the ski lodge to your own abode — no slopes or snow required? We’re talking customary deer decor (that won’t creep you out), whimsy, firefly light strands, and a rustic-meets-modern rocking chair that’ll knock grandpa’s socks off.
It’s all in the details — you know, those cozy accoutrements that make coming back to the cabin after a day of black diamonds epic wipeouts that much more relaxing. Plush textures, warm lighting, and wooden everything help to recreate that outdoorsy, bundled-up setting within your space. Yes, even in a teensy-tiny studio apartment. After all, what’s more fun than microwaving s’mores and eating them in front of your bricked-in fireplace? Okay, maybe the real thing, but, hey, baby steps.
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Wooden everything.
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The token deer decor — much less frightening than those taxidermy wall mounts, no?
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Star-gazing is practically required when open skies abound.
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If only this is what actually happened to our candles.
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Those chips and cracks add heaps of character (and memories) to our favorites plates and dinnerware.
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Chalk it up to good, 'ol country livin'.
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A hint of warmth from the teensiest of lights — adding a whimsical lil' touch to any space, indoors or out.
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The perfect snack table for TV dinners or a spontaneous game of gin rummy.
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Gotta have a teapot to boil the milk/water for cocoa!
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Can’t get much more rustic than a tree stump…in your apartment.
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Make Grandpa mad jealous with this rad rocker.
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Need we say more?
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Store on top of your bricked-in fireplace/bookshelf/what-have-you for a little extra warmth and sparkle.
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Nature for your couch.
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Colorful coasters for post-dinner tea (or tequila).
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We'll be plopping onto one of these poufs after a long day of work — no asking us twice.
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Long, draped curtains for those snowflake-flecked windows.
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So dainty. Too cute.
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If you opt to go barefoot, at least this shaggy rug will help keep your toes warm.
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The perfect coffee mug. We think Rory and Lorelai would approve, too.