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The Best Nail Polishes R29ers Swear By

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    Here at Refinery29, we're passionate about a lot of things. Whether we're searching for the best new sex toys or figuring out a way to make hat hair look cute, we apply ourselves with fervor. So, it's no surprise that when you ask an R29er what polish she'd rather die without, we get very serious answers.

    When it comes to our nails, we might get hot and heavy with one polish then shack up with another the next, but there are a few that we carry long-lasting relationships with. And, it's those very special polish partners that we dedicate this post to.

    From the ones that make our stubby nails look chic to the electrifying glitter that we revisit time and time again, these are the polishes that have permanent spots in our collections. And, if you think about it, our zealous love affair with these pretty polishes makes sense. At the end of the day, nail polish is the one thing that stays on even when everything else comes off. So, for the shades that we can't pour enough accolades on, click through to our very own R29 Nail Polish Hall Of Fame. You just might find a new polish you'd like to get handsy with. Opener: Photographed by Jessica Nash.

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