Vogue Put A Bird On The Whole Lena Dunham Thing

Vogue has taken a page out of Portlandia's book and squashed this whole Lena Dunham x Jezebel x Photoshop controversy — they put a bird on it. In a rather genius move, the women's title shared, on its Instagram feed, exactly what Jezebel was asking for: an unretouched photo of February's cover girl, Lena Dunham.
"The Vogue pigeon. Any questions?" reads the caption beneath the photo of Dunham's back. Well, shoot. Vogue's got itself a sassy sense of humor. If it was possible to give an up-top to the glossy, we would. Instead, we'll applaud quietly from our desks. Well done, Vogue, well done. From what we can tell, there's nary a retouch in sight (well, save for a filter)! Now, let's move on. (Racked)
Photo: via @voguemagazine.

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