Creatures Of The Wind Pins Down Our Fall Palette

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    When it comes to fall/pre-fall collections, we're not too picky. For the most part, if you say potato, we say, "We'll take it!" Yes, the offerings in this category have been so impressive and robust this year. It's getting us pumped for autumn, or, erm pre-autumn, even though we haven't even had a bit of spring weather yet. And, hen it comes to Creatures Of The Wind, our swoon-session is totally deserved.

    The collection serves up softer-than-soft suede skirts and jackets that our closets would be lucky to hold. The jacquard detailing on blazers and vests and the fringe on button-down skirts and long dresses make the pieces feel and look like special standouts. Still, the well-knit tops are perfect for everyday rotation. Best of all? The color palette is fresh enough to get us looking forward to those falling leaves (which, hey, these hues definitely remind us of), but classic enough to look good with everything. Creatures has got us falling in love with gorgeous shades of dusty orange, deep berry, pale lavender, and, of course, that stunning chartreuse background.

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