HBO's Girls & Snapchat, A Match Made In Heaven

girlllls222photo: courtesy of hbo.
Well, it's official. Our favorite illicit apps partnering with our favorite television shows is totally a thing. First, it was The Mindy Project's ingenious use of Tinder. Now comes news that HBO's Girls is partnering with Snapchat in a cross-promotion that really couldn't be more fitting.
With the highly anticipated premiere only a week away, Lena Dunham and co. have launched a Snapchat account to get fans amped about their highly anticipated third season. First up, a clever emoji interpretation of a classic Shoshanna quote. Next, according to the show's Twitter account, will be candid shots from its Monday red-carpet premiere.
After that? Who knows. Perhaps a four-second clip of Hannah Horvath watching her leftovers in the microwave? Or a quick pic of Marnie's nail art? Or, maybe a mini-montage of Jessa smoking in the tub? Whatever it is, we're really excited for season three.
Add the girls of Girls on Snapchat with girlsHBO. (The Verge)