How Movies Lie To Us About Winter

Okay, did everyone survive the blizzard? After a weekend of blustery winds, drifting flurries, and subzero temperatures, you're all well versed in the fact that winter weather can be a big fat pain. Sure, it looks gorgeous — when you're staring at it out your window with flannel pajamas on, a steaming mug of hot chocolate in hand, and a New Girl marathon playing on Netflix. But, if you're out braving the elements — or worse, trying to commute to the job that refused to give you a snow day — it's anything but magical.
So, why hasn't Hollywood realized that? Maybe it's because the movie bigwigs are all safely ensconced in the balmy southern California climate, but we've noticed a major difference between the silver screen and reality lately. Romcoms (and even Disney movies) are constantly using snow to create iconically romantic scenes, but the cynic inside of us just has to cry foul. Ahead, five of our favorite snowy scenes and how they would truly go down in real life.
Bridget Jones's Diary
The Real Talk: Let's forget the fact that Bridget isn't even wearing pants for a minute. What we want to know is: What kind of traction does she have on those running shoes? We've worn everything from industrial-strength hiking boots to Hunters out in the snow, and they never keep us from wiping out. Then, add in the fact that you're going for a light jog? Lights out.
Beauty & The Beast
The Real Talk: We have to admit that we love this part of Beauty & The Beast. In fact, it's 20 years later and we still have every word of that song memorized. But, we have to point out that Belle is having a snowball fight while wearing nothing more than a dress and light cape. She doesn't even have full sleeves, much less gloves. Sure, the Beast is doing it too, but he's, you know, a beast. With fur.
The Real Talk: Ahh, the magic of the winter wedding. But, wait, it's on a New York City street. Where's the gray, half-melted slush? The cigarette butts in the snow drifts? The neighbor's dog marking its territory?
The Scene:
The Real Talk: Let's see here: Laying out on a soaking wet ice rink during a snowstorm for what is presumably hours, only to have the love of your life finally show up? Raise your hand if that would put you in a good mood. That's what we thought.
The Real Talk: We know this is one of the most romantic scenes of all time, but all we remember is Cher's classic line, "I'm gonna go home, I'm freezing to death!" You said it, sister. Sure, having a guy profess his undying love for you is romantic, but what's wrong with doing it, say, upstairs in his warm and cozy apartment?