The 2013 Designer-Collab Superlatives

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    Our proudest victories this year include a Isabel Marant x H&M quilted jacket, a 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target "Boom" sweatshirt, and rag & bone x Hunter rain boots we'd be proud — not pouty — to sport. Yes, 2013 will be fondly remembered in designer collaborations that were worth every city-avenue-long wait line. And, whether or not you participated in the madness — i.e., waking up at 8 a.m. to snag a Phillip Lim satchel for a steal or elbowing your way through the H&M pop-up — the awesome and unexpected mashups were hard to ignore.

    If you're anything like us, you followed the process of “[insert designer here]’s collaboration with [insert retailer here]” or “[insert celebrity here]’s capsule collection for [insert other retailer here]” from sketches and peeks, to launch parties and collection drops. You waited in lines and scrolled through slideshow after slideshow of pictures. And, so, in honor of a big year of shopping, we're doling out prizes that celebrate our favorite examples of teamwork. Ahead, the 2013 designer-collaboration superlatives, according to us!

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Why We Love Proud Mary (Hint: Textiles, Not Tina)

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