The Ho-Ho-Horror! 8 Tales Of Holiday Woe

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    For a season that's generally defined as being "filled with good cheer," chances are you're going to have some moments that are the exact opposite. Between drama-tinged family politics, free-flowing mulled wine, and pressure-filled plans, this entire month has the ability to rival Halloween for scariest occasion. If your holidays are like ours, they probably look far different from a warm-and-fuzzy movie poster. A Norman Rockwell painting? Not so much. Try Edvard Munch.

    So, we asked around to cull some terrible stories from this season of mirth. From getting Grandma's goat to the wrong way to make a good first impression, the eight stories ahead are sure to make your own womp womp moments seem tame in comparison. Cue the sad trombones...

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