Ranking Beyoncé's Best New Music Videos

We could happily spend an entire weekend watching a Beyoncé music video marathon. And, we just about have, thanks to the 17 new videos the pop diva has released to go with her surprise new album. Sexy stripteases, killer dance moves, cameos from Jay Z and Blue Ivy, pill-popping, supermodels, and that chic blonde bob? It's all just so good.
If your time is a bit more precious, however, allow us to present our definitive guide to the best of Queen B's new offerings. From an appearance by Jourdan Dunn to seriously trippy graphics, these videos represent our top 10 faves of the bunch. Gush as Beyoncé plays a doting mama. Get inspired as she throws some serious shapes. Brace yourself as she hits up a fun fair with Terry Richardson. Are you as crazy in love as we are?
10. "Drunk in Love"
Having progressed from being "crazy in love" to simply just "drunk," the superstar gives us this sexy beach romp, which co-stars hubby Jay Z. That alone gives it the edge over the equally provocative (but Hova-less) "Rocket," which gives D'Angelo's "Untitled" a run for its money in the hot-and-heavy stakes.
9. "No Angel"
This one takes us way back to the days of Snoop and Dre, albeit with Beyoncé dolled up in fur and walking a pit bull. Totally old school, which we love.
8. "XO"
This carnival-themed video makes the grade purely for the shot of B wearing a flashing Minnie Mouse headband. Plus, it's nice to see a Terry Richardson project that doesn't make us feel dirty.
7. "Superpower"
Directed by Jonas Akerlund and featuring vocals from Frank Ocean, this post-apocalyptic montage picks up where "Run This Town" left off. But, hey, any excuse to see Beyoncé in warrior mode.
6. "Blow"
Beyoncé channels late-'90s Mariah Carey in this tongue-in-cheek video from Hype Williams. Trash-glam outfits, roller disco, and gratuitous booty wiggles? Yes, yes, yes.
5. "Blue"
For every "Single Ladies," we need a "Halo." This ode to a certain Blue Ivy Carter is the album's ultimate ballad, and the simple video — directed by Beyoncé, Ed Burke, and Bill Kirstein — has the right mix of stunning scenery, feel-good holiday footage, and (awww!) shots of mama and child. Consider this the perfect palate cleanser.
4. "Yoncé"
Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, and Beyoncé all in the same video? Of course this contribution from Ricky Saiz had to be in our top five. The supermodel cast and seductive chorus makes this one of the sexiest offerings from Mrs. Carter yet.
3. "Mine"
While an appearance from Drake certainly doesn't hurt, it's the achingly beautiful visuals of Pierre Debusschere's "Mine" that really makes it a favorite. Reminiscent of Janet Jackson's "Escapade," "Mine" wows with its desert landscape and otherworldly eye candy.
2. "Grown Woman"
You had us at, "I'm a grown woman / I do whatever I want." You pushed us over the edge with the trippy, Soul Train-esque graphics, Tina Knowles cameo, and general girl power badass-ery. Expect this Jake Nava-directed video to be our pre-game playlist. On repeat.
1. "Pretty Hurts"
Catchy song + campy video = love. Directed by Melina Matsoukas, this video sees Sasha Fierce playing a beauty contestant complete with yellow bodysuit and sash. The video examines the lengths women go to to be considered beautiful, including eating disorders. Think of it as B's version of the TLC classic "Unpretty."

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