Beyoncé Released A New Album — Ring The Alarm!

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    Sounding all alarms on every front! According to multiple screams across the email chain, Beyoncé has done "it!!!" The singer dropped an entire album while you were sleeping. Yes, good morning, and say hello to 14 new Beyoncé songs and 18 new Beyoncé videos . Thirty-freaking-two new Beyoncé things to add to your library.

    At around midnight, December 13, 2013, a new Queen Bey album — along with a slew of music videos — cropped up on iTunes. Featuring collaborations with ex-Destiny's Child divas, Jay Z, and the zeitgeist's fave perma-youth, Pharrell, it's the longest pop album of 2013. The Internet, at this very moment, is on the verge of breaking. From Twitter to Facebook to Tumblr, insomniac music fiends are convulsing. Head on over to iTunes to hear the full album. And, stay tuned for a review — we've got a long night ahead of us.

    UPDATE: We've spent a solid chunk of our sleep hours and morning devouring the entire album. And, as promised, here is the review.

    Photo: via @beyonce.

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