Seth Meyers Predicts The End Of SNL

It seems that every time a veteran cast member, such as Meyers, announces his/her leave for a different gig, we panic. Suddenly, we can't imagine how the show will continue to be great without them. But, as time has shown, SNL only gets better each year. Lorne Michaels always manages to hook us up with a new set of comedians that never disappoint. But, when Patrick asked Meyers what would happen after Michaels retires, Meyers incited a new fear in us: "Once Lorne leaves, there won't be a job [...] I don't know if the show will keep going." It's one thing to have severe separation anxiety when we lose a favorite cast member, but it's an entirely different thing to lose the show altogether. To be sure, Michaels is a genius, and one that would likely be impossible to replace. But, now that he's 69 years old, we have to begin the mental preparation of what will happen once he retires.
Maybe Meyers is wrong: Perhaps a veteran comedian and writer could continue the show in a way that Michaels would want. Off the top of our head? Well, we think Tina Fey would be a good choice. (Uproxx)
Opening Photo: Courtesy of NBC.