Can't Afford A $9,000 Teddy Bear? Try These Luxury Items

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    All I want for Christmas is a...$9,000 teddy bear? Okay, maybe if you’re Blue Ivy, Baby North, or Suri. That’s right: This plush little friend, emblazoned with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram, could be yours this holiday season — for a cool four figures. But, why the hefty price tag? (Weren’t Beanie Babies, like, five bucks?) The bear (named DouDou) is the only stuffed toy LV has ever produced, released during the 2004/2005 fall men’s runway collection. And, just 500 were made. So, if you want a piece of DouDou to match your Speedy bag, you’ll have to head to NYC’s Toy Tokyo fast to scoop one up.

    But, what if a lavish bear isn’t on your luxury list? Perhaps you’d prefer to be gifted with one of these six fresh-off-the-runway designer bags and shoes, from designers like Fendi to Christian Louboutin. And, guess what? Add these luxe beauties up, and you’ll still come in just under DouDou’s $9,000 price tag. If your Santa can throw the bear in as a stocking stuffer, too — well, that’s a very Merry Christmas.

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