LBDs Go Next-Level Cool

Because it's easy, endlessly flattering, and the perfect backdrop for your sickest heels, the standard little black dress almost earns our forgiveness for not exactly reinventing the evening-wear wheel. Still, we're a whole lot happier when designers give the LBD the love it deserves. Which is why our inner atypical party girl did a little cartwheel when we saw ICB's pre-fall collection. It's left-field LBDs galore, people — and it's very, very good.
With asymmetry, sharp-lined peplums, and leather panels aplenty, the line's pieces are a little bit futuristic and structurally interesting without sacrificing the sexy. It's pretty much the ideal night-out look for the sultry space babe — or, you know, us. Click on to see the 12 looks we love so much, our only regret is that these LBDs won't be in stores in time for NYE.