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The Friday Night Lights Cast: Where Are They Now?

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    We’re pretty sure Taylor Kitsch has broken a lot of hearts in his day, especially on the beloved series Friday Night Lights, where he played the smoldering jock Tim Riggins for five unforgettable seasons. So, it’s no surprise that after yesterday’s remarks regarding a rumored Friday Night Lights movie, Kitsch has once again left us feeling inconsolable. "I'll just say no." he told Vulture. "No, period. I'm not doing it. I'm never gonna be in that movie. There was already a movie! And the show ended f***in' spot-on. We're good."

    So much for that.

    But, for the millions of fans who were hoping for a big-screen reunion of their beloved Dillon Panthers Lions, we bring you the next best thing. Here’s a rundown of where you can catch all your favorite FNL alums on screens both big and small. Though some have been more successful in navigating their post-FNL careers than others, it’s nice to see that Hollywood’s still got love for what was undoubtedly one of the best ensemble casts in the history of television.

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