NSFW: The Best Sex Of 2013 On TV And Film

Ah, yes, the time for lists has arrived. But, there is no reason why we shouldn't take the opportunity, when looking back on 2013, to remember all the steamy, sweaty sessions that got our hearts racing. From Kristen Stewart ditching her Twilight rep to Rooney Mara getting wild with Channing Tatum, here are the best sex scenes of 2013.

Jon Snow & Ygritte, Game of Thrones
In one of the only examples the HBO hit series has offered of innocent, non-manipulative or incestuous sex, it was possible to see Ygritte and Jon Snow gettin' it on from a mile away. Fortunately, it shows that Snow does indeed know something about pleasing a lady.

Sookie & Warlow, True Blood
Yes, he is a fampire or a vairie, but Warlowe is also really, really attractive. And, the writers of True Blood show the Fifty Shades crowd how it is done. You go, Sookie, Danger Whore and all.
don-jon-sizedPhoto: Courtesy of Relativity Media.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Julianne Moore, Don Jon
Very purposefully, Gordon-Levitt opted to illustrate how much sexier his "it" with an experienced, non-objectified woman is, which is why Julianne Moore's on-screen chemistry trounces that of the intended "bombshell," Scarlet Johansson.
springbreak2Photo: Courtesy of A24.
James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson, Spring Breakers
Many an eye roll happens at the mention of Spring Breakers. Some hate it; some love it. Despite being choppy in nature, the brief moments of clarity, like this one, give the oomph the story needed. Hudgens and Benson improvised this entire scene — no oral pistol sex was originally in the script. How they arrived at this scene is beyond us, but watching the emasculation of Franco's Alien character was both debasing and oddly stimulating. Getting off on power is still considered getting off, right?

Matt Damon & Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
Though neither of these men are (supposed to be) conventionally attractive, the weird tenderness between Scott and Liberace held the entire movie. Matt Damon is supposed to be tan and strange, and Michael Douglas is supposed to just be, well, strange, but their chemistry earned them both major critical nods.

Kristen Stewart & Sam O'Reilly, On the Road
Ah, yes: The Kristen Stewart sex movie. Though she has a way more graphic scene with her partner Garrett Hedlund (who plays her ex-husband), this scene reeks of both desire and desperation, what Sal and Marylou have in spades.
side-effects-sizedPhoto: Courtesy of Open Road Films.
Channing Tatum & Rooney Mara, Side Effects
Hey, it may be a mood-altering, murderous pill, but it makes you have really, really good sex with Channing Tatum. You give and you get, you know?
Just, like, anything from Masters of Sex
This is a show about orgasms. The wondrous Lizzy Caplan owns every scene that she is in, be it clothed or not, and her chemistry with both Michael Sheen and Nicholas D'Agosto (above) has made this show a new classic. Hot.

Evan Rachel Wood & Shia LaBeouf, Charlie Countryman
There ain't nothin' quite like doing it for the first time with someone you truly care about — even if said someone has an entourage that's trying to kill you. Hey, the whole element of danger is kind of hot, you know?
orange-is-the-new-black-sizedPhoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
Yael Stone & Natasha Lyonne, Orange Is The New Black
Lorna Morello may protest that she isn't into Nicky Nichols — or lesbianism, for that matter — but actions speak louder than absentee fiancés.

Honorable Mention: Lindsay Lohan, James Deen, Lily Labeau, and Thomas Trussell, The Canyons
For all of The Canyons' downfalls, it's the film's brute attack at the desperate underbelly of Hollywood that keeps it afloat. This scene hammers the final nail in that coffin. It's not so much sexy as it is cathartic. A Lilo, James Deen, and two other four-way scene most likely isn't on the top of anyone's lists, but the moment Lohan breaks the fourth wall is, for lack of a better word, startling. Suddenly, the story is about real life; it's as if Lohan is saying, "I know you're watching" with her eyes. We, as an audience, have been caught. And, well, it's making us feel things.

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