The Selby's New Camera Accessories Line Makes Us Snap Happy

mainPhoto: Courtesy of The Selby
We have to carve out a hefty chunk of time before we venture over to the The Selby’s addictive slice-of-home-tour-heaven site. Not only do we find ourselves scrolling for hours on end, gawking at the eclectically styled abodes but wind up with a whirlwind of ideas to try in our casas.
Photographer and tastemaker Todd Selby has done a successful job of integrating his eye for design and discovery beyond his site, and his acclaimed coffee-table books are proof. Anyone else pre-ordering Fashionable Selby ? But, now The Selby has wowed us yet again by revealing a line of style-forward camera accessories — dubbed The Selbz — that budding photogs and pros alike are going to want to get their mitts on.
Naturally, Todd Selby paired up with six labels and artists for a 14-piece collection (including R29 fave Building Block) that includes tasseled doodads, heart reflectors, and more. Get this: S.F.’s own MAC will be one of the two (count 'em...two) US stores to get the line. We know, we’re rushing out the door as we type.