New Yorkers, This Is How Ridiculous We Sound

If our city had a soundtrack, what would it be like? Not the kind of official anthem we'd see on an NYC tourism commercial, but the real-life experience of everyday life in the city. If your first thoughts were that Jay Z and Alicia Keys song, you're wrong. In fact, it's not even the famed Sinatra tune. According to Scott Rogowsky, local dating expert extraordinaire, it's a mix of taxi horns, mindless chitchat, and one guy who's taken a microphone to the streets to voice his support for interracial dating. Rogowsky somewhat stealthily totes a boom mic to capture the strange-but-true sound bites of New Yorkers, and with hilarious results. Seriously, we had no idea how crazy we all sound. Is it weird that we're kind of proud? And, no, we don't know if Rogowsky is still single. But, if he is, consider this a PSA to end his bachelorhood. (Brokelyn)

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