Miley Cyrus &'s Video Shows Us A Future Of Self-Love

In the future, we will live in front of a green screen and see things in multiple dimensions. T-Pain's chopped and screwed sonic aesthetic will come to fruition and our eyesight will forever fluctuate between drunk goggles and high-def. has volunteered himself as leader, fearless and strong in a leather-paneled uniform; Miley Cyrus is his right-hand woman, towering in platform heels, a bleached dome, and pseudo-bondage gear. Together, along with Wiz Khalifa and French Montana as wingmen, they've created a song for the new world — an ode to public narcissism, "Feelin' Myself."
The video is a manifesto of self-love, gaudy drug use, and super-cool geometries, because geometries are so hot right now. The synth melody drives Cyrus into a rapping frenzy with frequent "yeahs" and "uhs" for artistic effect. The future, it would seem, is destined to make us dance, or twerk, or, er, something of the two.