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Giada De Laurentiis' Tips For Your Best Thanksgiving EVER

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    One week, people. Come next Thursday, most of us will be sitting down to the Super Bowl of dinner parties and engaging in cardio-level eating. That means you only have six more days of training, so let's not waste time: You need help. We all do. If you're manning the kitchen, hosting the main event, or just sitting on the sidelines waiting to be called, you need to be ready.

    And, our coach this year is none other than Giada De Laurentiis, kitchen goddess and dinner-party-whisperer extraordinaire. In our potato panic, she was there with wise words and practical steps that will make this the least crazy, most delicious Thanksgiving yet. What's the secret ingredient to stock up on now? She told us. How do we make a crisper, juicier turkey? She had the formula. How the hell do we keep the Paleo relatives happy? She advised us to chill out and make this gluten-free stuffing. Click through for De Laurentiis' 12 tips (plus, a few clutch recipes) that will help you bring your A game this Thanksgiving. Now, get out there, kid. Leave it all on the field.

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