9 Crazy-Romantic L.A. Wedding Spots

When it comes to weddings, there’s nothing more important than finding a venue that truly represents you and your beloved. But, finding unique places to get married in this city is like finding a parking spot at your favorite Whole Foods — it isn't easy.
Whether you consider yourself a city rat, beach bum, or forest nymph, we've narrowed down our top-secret list of off-the-radar spots to tie the knot no matter your bridal aesthetic. Ahead, nine incredible wedding locations that you definitely didn't have on your list yet.
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Catalina View Gardens
Named after the remarkable Catalina Island view, this exclusive venue only holds 25 events per year. Spread across 94 acres of gorgeous land, this spot promises pure luxury with farm-to-table gardens that surround the estate, heavenly wines, and the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen.

Catalina View Gardens, 6001 Palos Verdes Drive, Ranchos Palos Verdes; 310-701-3876.
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See what we mean by a great view?
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Gorgeous on its own — and even better stacked — the platinum and yellow diamond Stacking Ring by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. is simplicity itself. Who wouldn’t say yes to it?

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Photo: Courtesy of Carondelet House.
Carondelet House
This hidden gem is squished between Wilshire and West 6th, and, unless you’ve been inside, it's hard to imagine the 7,600 square feet of beauty could even exist. With two open courtyards glimmering with white lights and lounge areas adorned with leather chairs and old books, this 1928 brick building speaks for itself. If you’re looking for European-esque, country elegance, this is your place.

Carondelet House, 627 South Carondelet Street; 323-446-1835.
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Photo: Courtesy of Carondelet House.
The brick walls add major points in our book.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Oak Grove.
The Oak Grove
Consider yourself a true nature lover? This rustic 2.5-acre space is set in the breathtaking natural landscape of Topanga Canyon, covered in oak trees and lush greenery. The romantic setting proves to be truly authentic with its hand-cut log Cathedral seating (so very Twilight) and treetop studio. In short, it's a perfect mix of adventurous and dreamy.

The Oak Grove, 301 Old Topanga Canyon Road; 310-455-0800.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Oak Grove.
The sweet little gate for guests to walk through when arriving at the ceremony.
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Photo: Courtesy of Elysian.
Less is definitely more at this delightfully intimate venue, where 1,200 square feet indoors or 4,000 square feet outdoors (they have a new garden expansion called “Sky Dome”) can be altered into whatever your heart desires. Stylish and hip, this location used to be the home to a couple of L.A.’s biggest artists and producers, so you know it’s got charisma and that undeniable appeal.

Elysian, 2806 Clearwater Street; 323-929-7972 (Ask for Kayla).
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Photo: Courtesy of Elysian.
There's a definite secret garden vibe here...
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Natural History Museum
Although this one’s not quite a secret, we still think it deserves a spot on our list. Choose from a beautiful spot overlooking the Exposition Park Rose Garden, the architectural Grand Foyer, or the Otis Booth Pavilion (a $13 million glass design) that was just unveiled this past June. What better way to celebrate your future than by getting in touch with a little bit of history, right?

Natural History Museum, 900 Exposition Boulevard; 213-763-3466.
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Who invited the savanna elephant?
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Photo: Zoom Theory; Styled by Jesi Haack.
The Loft on Pine
This stunning space just opened its doors this past October. Once an old theater, the gorgeous brick loft still boasts its original ceiling, detailed frame work, and mural designs. Urbanism at its finest, this Long Beach gem is perfect for the couple looking for something completely unique and off the map.

The Loft on Pine, 230 Pine Avenue; 562-888-2303.
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Photo: Zoom Theory; Styled by Jesi Haack.
Now, that looks romantic.
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Photo: Courtesy of STUDIO 1342.
If you love Palm Springs, this space speaks to '60s mod, SoCal-style with its clean furniture, bright colors, and easy, breezy casual vibes. Ten-foot windows bring in tons of natural light, and, with 5,000 square feet of courtyard, gardens, and, an outdoor bar, you can be transported into your very own glamorous Hollywood love story.

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Photo: Courtesy of STUDIO 1342.
This spot mixes a dash of industrial cool with a dose of design-happy quirk.
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If you and your fiancé prefer to keep it green, this 6,500-square-foot, solar powered, sustainable space is right up your alley. What once was a 1980s smog-check center, is now an alluring space for a celebrations, with repurposed vintage furniture, desert plant gardens, and a wide open indoor/outdoor stretch, ideal for any wedding retreat.

SmogShoppe, 2651 South La Cienega; 310-837-3610
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Now, that's what we call great ambience!
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Photo: Courtesy of Oviatt Penthouse.
Oviatt Penthouse
Located in Downtown L.A., this amazing little rooftop masterpiece speaks volumes when it comes to charm. By day you’ll be admiring the cityscape, and by night, your friends can dance under the stars, surrounded by the city's bright lights. An excellent spot for those looking for a cool club spot, and, it also includes an indoor lounge area for guests who prefer a more laid-back vibe.

Oviatt Penthouse, 617 South Olive Street; 213-379-4172.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oviatt Penthouse.
Not a bad bird's-eye view, eh?