Penelope Cruz Talks Lingerie & Family Values, Is The Perennial Bombshell

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    Net-A-Porter's latest cover star for The Edit, Penelope Cruz, doesn't let anything get her way. This Oscar winning actress and mum of two now adds lingerie designer to her growing list of achievements, as she has recently joined forces with her sister to create the first diffusion line, L'Argent, for Agent Provocateur, but as Cruz says, "I'm a very determined person!"

    Not that Cruz would ever put lingerie or an acting job before her children. She explains in her exclusive interview with the magazine, "When you have children, your attention is put on the more important things. My priority is my family…That is the way I was raised." And, where she comes from is very important to Cruz. It defines all aspects of her life, even down to her lingerie designs, "Where I come from, the figure of the woman – the mother especially — is strong, powerful, respected…Her beauty is just one of her weapons.”

    Before you start thinking she is almost too good to be true, Cruz reveals that exhaustion gets the better of her, too. "Hey, I love to sleep, so tonight I will go to bed at nine o'clock and be very happy." Sounds like a gal after our own hearts.

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