Typhoon Haiyan Disaster: 5 Ways You Can Help

42-53072442Photo: Bullit Marquez/Corbis.
We reported last week that Typhoon Haiyan was barreling toward the Philippines with devastating force. The typhoon, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, made landfall there Friday, leaving a wake of destruction behind it as it headed through Vietnam and towards Southern China, continuing its deadly trajectory. The damage in the Philippines is staggering: Officials estimate that there are approximately 10,000 dead, and that millions will be in need of basic aid in the coming days. The impact on property and infrastructure could well reach into the billions. Over 56,000 homes were destroyed on the island of Panay alone.
Even as the catastrophe continues to unfold and details remain hazy, you can still help. These five aid organizations are actively on the ground in the Philippines and attending to the many, many people affected by the typhoon. This list is not at all exhaustive, as there are many other aid and charity organizations also assisting relief efforts, but these are good places to start:
Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders reports that the situation on the ground in the Philippines is still unknown: "There is a massive lack of information on the situation in rural and remote areas," the organization writes. "Many medical structures have been damaged or destroyed, with medical supplies washed away." Doctors Without Borders will support the military, which is currently providing some medical care, as well local hospitals that are still in operation after the typhoon.
Make a donation to Doctors Without Borders here.
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
The IRC is deploying teams to the Philippines and launching an immediate fundraising appeal in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. The IRC operates in over 40 countries and typically arrives on the scene within 72 hours of a disaster, providing supplies and guidance in times of chaos.
Make a donation to the IRC here.
International Red Cross (ICRC)
The ICRC has sent assessment and rescue teams to the areas affected by the typhoon, though both the Philippine Red Cross and the ICRC offices in Tacloban, one of the worst-hit areas, have been damaged by the storm, complicating the rescue process. The ICRC dispatched food and supplies to Tacloban, but the trucks have yet to reach their destination. The organization is sending additional personnel to help with relief efforts.
Make a donation to the ICRC here.
The global children's advocacy organization estimates that up to four million children could now be affected by the disaster in the Philippines. UNICEF already sent food and supplies to some 3,000 families, and is currently airlifting $1.3 million worth of additional supplies for another 10,000 families.
Make a donation to UNICEF here.
Save the Children
Save the Children has sent response teams to Tacloban to help the children and families there, but it has also deployed aid workers to Vietnam. The organization reports that it has warehouses in Hanoi and Da Nang stocked with 6,000 household, hygiene, and education kits ready for distribution.
Make a donation to Save the Children here.

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