Mischo Beauty's Founder On Healthy Nails, New Polishes, & More

kitiyaslidePhoto: Courtesy of Mischo Beauty.
We've discussed our love for Mischo Beauty nail polishes before, but to celebrate the official launch this week, we caught up with founder Kitiya King to discuss all things lacquer. King does it all: She's a chemist, cosmetologist, and now a successful entrepreneur, to boot. Her first collection is inspired by Fashion Week and boasts seven eye-catching colors that are formulated without the five main harmful chemicals usually found in nail polishes. (In beauty lingo, they're called "five-free" polishes.)
We got King to dish on her favorite D.C. hangouts, the inspiration behind her first collection, and how to do the perfect at-home manicure. If you're intrigued (and you should be!), you can attend the Mischo Beauty launch party on Wednesday, November 13, at Toka Salon. Hosted by local bloggers Kara Manos of Politics of Pretty and Ashley Weatherford of August Skin, the beauty bash is your chance to snag a free mani with Mischo polish and an updo from the stylists at Toka Salon, plus treats and bubbly. But first, get to know the brains behind your new beauty addiction.
Your first polishes are inspired by NYFW — which designer's collection was the most influential for your line?
"I was just so inspired by the colors from the fall runways. I loved the Marc Jacobs show, and I would say it inspired me the most!"
Since you now have a NYC-inspired line, do you think you’ll use Washington as inspiration for a future one?
"I chose Fashion Week because it's such a global event — New York, Milan, Paris — and everyone wants to be a part of it, whether working backstage or watching the live streams. [With] D.C. being my home, it is so dear and inspirational to me.... As far as a D.C.-themed collection, I draw inspiration from so many different things and places when creating the colors, and I never know where I'm going to draw inspiration from next, but it's quite possible."
We hear you’ve started work on your spring/summer '14 collection. Can you give us any hints as to what's on the horizon?
"The spring/summer 2014 collection lacquers are named after major style icons from past eras. We have some gorgeous bright colors in store!"
What is your favorite new nail trend?
"I love the reverse French in almost any color combo. This trend needs to stay around for a while."
What are your tips (no pun intended) for keeping nails healthy and beautiful?
"Nourishing the body internally is important. Eat lots of healthy greens, drink a lot of water, and exercise. Internal beauty is what brings out your external beauty, so it's very important for us to take care of our bodies."
mischo_website_nail_collectionslidePhoto: Courtesy of Mischo Beauty.
What was the hardest part of creating your own beauty line?
"The hardest part was making sure the formula was exactly what I wanted: five-free, shiny, and chip-resistant. It's difficult to get all three of those features into a formula, but I worked on it for more than a year until I felt it was perfect."
Any tips for an at-home manicure?
"Nails should be clean and dry, no lotion! Prep the nails with Mischo base coat; this works like a foundation. Follow with two coats of Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer, and end with the Mischo top coat. This process will make your manicure last about a week."
Which Fashion Week Collection nail lacquer is on your nails at the moment?
"Right now I'm wearing #NYFW, which is a luxe navy and one of our most popular colors."
What other eco-friendly beauty lines do you love?
"Davines is my favorite line for hair products. I love their Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion — it makes my hair so soft and shiny."
mischo_nailpolish_giftset_tents_1024x1024slidePhoto: Courtesy of Mischo Beauty.
Where do you get your nails done in D.C.?
"I head to The Emerald Door for all of my nail treatments, because they have a holistic approach to nail care. Their Japanese Jelly Pedicure is divine!"
What are your favorite D.C. haunts?
"My favorite restaurant in D.C. is Oya. I love the ambiance and decor, and everything I've tried on the menu is delicious. For facials, I visit Lisan at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental. I visit Taylor & York Salon for biweekly deep-conditioning treatments and blowouts. When I'm in the Georgetown area, I also love going to Toka Salon & Day Spa — it's so chic, and they never disappoint."

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