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Host Your Parents Without Going Crazy

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    I love my parents. And, of course, I love spending time with them, but with a thousand miles separating me in NYC and them in Minnesota, I don't see them as often as I'd like. So, visits are definitely treats for all three of us. And, when they're in town, I want to make sure that the time we spend together is filled with stuff they like to do (see the lights in Times Square, hit up Momofuku Milk bar, go shopping in Soho) and stuff I like to do (try new restaurants, stop by the flea market, father-daughter "bond" by hanging up new curtains — you know how it goes). What's not included? Arguing about directions, freaking out about dirty kitchens, and having to eat at Subway because someone forgot to make dinner reservations. None of the stressful stuff, please.

    I've hosted my parents plenty of times in multiple cities, financial states, and living situations. So, to help you, I've put together a few universal tips that will minimize freak-outs and tiffs — but also make hanging out with your folks so much more fun that you ever imagined it could be.

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