The Book Of Jezebel's 10 Best Must-Read Tidbits

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    Introducing LadyBits, an ultra-cool collective of tech journalists who look at the world with smart, lady lenses. And since we're always in the market for the best stuff out there, we'll feature its know-how on the regular. Below, check out one of LadyBits' spotlights, prepared especially for Refinery29.

    You’ve probably heard of The Book of Genesis and The Book of Revelations, but have you heard of The Book of Jezebel? The sharply witty and overtly political encyclopedia is the first tangible offering from the bloggers at Jezebel. Inside the hard-bound book, readers will find an assortment of illustrated lady-related materials, spanning the gamut from the politically urgent (abortion) to the amusingly vapid (Lindsay Lohan). Politics and wit are effortlessly embraced, making this an entertaining read whether you choose to hop around or go for the full read-through.

    This sneak peak contains a glimpse of ten of our favorite entries from the book: those that taught us, shocked us, or otherwise impressed us over at LadyBits headquarters. This post was authored by Lex Berko.

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