The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

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Halloween is arguably one of the best holidays of the year. Not only do you get to wear whatever you want (seriously, whatever you want) and eat unlimited candy, you also get to party all night without the unfulfilled expectations of New Year's or the forced family obligations of every other holiday.
There’s only one snag: the playlist. While all other holidays have a long list of tried-and-true songs, Halloween just has "Thriller." The rest are fit only for a children’s carnival. (We CANNOT hear "Monster Mash" one more time.) So, we tapped some of NYC’s hottest DJs — who play at clubs like Le Baron, Le Bain, Output, TBA, (Le) Poisson Rouge, and more — for their expert suggestions for a seriously spooky playlist.
Contributors include Travmatic, whose famous Kaviar Disco Club parties are always packed with pretty foreigners; Tomie Marosey, who has played around the world, from Brazil to Vienna to Brooklyn; Cry Baby, who presides like a Queen over the decks at Le Bain and The Panther Room; and Illich Mujica, with his signature dark beats filling the dance floors at Output, Cielo, and Sullivan Room.
Creep out your friends — in a good way — with these underground tracks:
"Haunted House of Rock"
"Push the Feeling"
World Class Wreckin’ Cru
"World Class Freak"
Armand van Helden
"Boogie Monster"
Cry Baby:
Tones on Tail
"Terror Couple Kill Colonel"
Mlle Caro & Frank Garcia
"Dead Souls" (Radio Slave Remix)
Ry & Frank Weidemann
"Howling" (Ame remix)
Tomie Marosey:
Busta Rhymes
"Gimme Some More" (Modeselektor's Amended Version)
"Unsolved Mysteries Theme" (Remix by Dizon)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
"I Put A Spell On You" (TRRBO Remix)
Deep Future
"You Need It" (Detroit Swindle's 'Never Enough' Interpretation)
"Heart To Find" (Original Mix)
Eric Volta
"Love Your Illusion"
Maceo Plex, Maars, Florence Bird
"Going Back" (Dub)
Louie Fresco
"New Hateration" (MK Remix)
Illich Mujica
"Push Me" (Walker & Royce Remix)

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