Is That You, Pamela Anderson?


Pamela Anderson has made the (pixie) cut — and, damn, it looks good. The Internet has been atwitter after the star was spotted minus her signature long locks (Us Weekly went so far as to say that she's "unrecognizable" without her flowing blonde mane). We, for one, think Pam looks amazing with her short hair — and we're thrilled to see another celeb jumping on the chic-pixie bandwagon.

Anderson paired her Hepburn-esque (Or is it Michelle-Williams-esque?) cut with an equally demure outfit, adding to transformative effect of her dramatic chop. Yes, it's a bit surprising — but Anderson has always seemed determined to keep us guessing — remember her columns for Jane back in the day? We're just wondering if this new cut will usher in a new phase of Anderson's career — here's hoping.

What do you think of Pamela Anderson's new look? And, are you as pleased as we are that the pixie seems to be hurtling towards Total Hair Domination of Hollywood? (Us Weekly)

pamPhoto: Via Us Weekly.

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