Kanye Rants In Margiela Full Face Mask In Vegas, This Is What He Had To Say

Whoah...Kanye really let rip on stage during his Yeezus tour Las Vegas show on Saturday.
Dressed in a sparkling Margiela full face mask and pacing up and down the stage, he took time out for a good 10 minutes to chew the cud with his audience. The soliloquy's subject matter includes the Barneys racial profiling claims. Unlike his friend Jay-Z, Kanye makes makes no effort to defend the store. Tommy Ton gets a mention, and, naturally, Kanye's ego gets an outing, with choice phrases including: "I crash the mother-f*cking internet when I feel like it". Quite so. Watch both parts for a glimpse at the world according to Kanye...
And then there was this:


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