Mindy Kaling Masters Instagram — We Watch & Learn

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    Whether you loved her as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, as her eponymous character on The Mindy Project, or just as a reliably witty social-media presence, you can't really ignore Mindy Kaling. After a hilarious Instagram photo demonstrated her proficiency at work/life/gender/race/vodka balance went viral, we were inspired to honor some of Kaling's other unmissable Insta-moments. And, honestly, they are hard to narrow down, because this woman is ingeniously dynamic. Not only does she embrace the absurd (you know, like covering herself in shaving cream), she also has a great eye for style (rocking quirky Opening Ceremony tees and hanging with Jenna Lyons) and appreciates a strong brow. So, we present to you...the Tao of Mindy Kaling.

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