Vincent Kartheiser's One-Room Cabin Features Big-Time Design

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    We all know Vincent Kartheiser as the smarmy Pete Campbell on Mad Men. In reality, though, Kartheiser's persona is the extreme opposite of Campbell's super-WASP. He's an incredibly devoted environmentalist, going as far as commuting in Los Angeles without a car, xeriscaping his lawn to promote water conservation, and even living without a toilet for months. Now, that's commitment. So, when Dwell featured his newly designed home in its Small Spaces issue, we knew this would be good. And, maybe a little weird.

    Partnering with builder and designer Funn Roberts, Vincent created his dream of a one-room cabin with all the necessities in just 580 square feet. No easy task, the team pulled it off and then some. Not only is the "Japanese-industrial" house economic with space and storage, but it still manages to feel like a home — not a tiny, cramped people-box. Check out our favorite features here, and then grab this month's Dwell for the full feature and interview with Kartheiser and Roberts. From the pulley-lofted bed to the coffee-table-cum-fireplace, this micro-cabin speaks volumes about its owner and the care he took to create it.

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