Katy Perry Covers W, Still Loves John Mayer

1Photo: Courtesy of W.
Katy Perry is on a total winning streak right now. She just dropped her latest album, Prism, and, if you couldn't tell from the lyrics of "Roar," she's turned over a brand-new, self-empowered leaf. She also appears on the cover of the November issue of W, looking vivacious as all get out. She's not just posing and rocking designer duds, though — she chatted with the mag about her fresh outlook on life.
"I was having a really great professional streak," she said. "But, personally I was really immature, so I had to balance those things out." As it turns out, it took quite a bit of self-reflection to stumble upon her new girl-power persona. "If you are not happy with something you should change it," she said. "So, I went to a lot of therapy, and finally, I am able to speak up for myself: You are going to hear me roar!"
While she's busy roar-ing all over the pop-culture landscape, Perry is also getting pretty cozy with her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend. And, straight from the source herself, that relationship is still very much on. "I am actually dating my crush," she said. "I had a crush on him [John Mayer] for a long time, and it just so happens we fit together great." Now, if only the same would come true for us and Ryan Gosling. (Just Jared)