Crush This Color Combo: Lilac & Navy

When we think of really standout color combinations, our minds tend to drift toward completely contrasting shades. Yellow and hot pink. Or, green and orange. But, one of the most recent couplings we've come across is actually of a similar color family, and undoubtedly, the mixture is just as awesome.
Taking inspiration from Louise Amstrup's spring '14 line, we came to find that lilac and navy are sort of perfect for each other. It's like the two of your closest friends who you've been trying to set up for years. Well, it's time to make the intro. Lilac and blue are not exactly next to each other on the color wheel, but they do share certain cool-tone characteristics. And, together, they create a soft, chic combo that can be worn in all sorts of ways. Ahead, we've planned out three looks to get you started.