This Scandalous Beauty Ad Is Too Hot For TV

Okay, so maybe "scandalous" is a bit much, but there's enough sexual tension in this video that we're willing to say it's almost NSFW. "Eh, a beauty video," you might be thinking. "How porn-y could that possibly be?" Well, imagine Carmen Electra, Kristin Cavallari, and Real Housewives-star Kyle Richards giving their sexiest O faces, and there you go. Paging HR!
Of course, because it's a video from Benefit, the sultry mouth movements are only half the story — wait until you're halfway through for the punchline. Even with the joke though, we can't imagine this sort of thing ever flying on prime-time network television. (If HBO ran commercials? Now that's another story.) Check out the video, and let us know: Do you dig the concept?

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