The Man Bun: A Retrospective

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    So, listen: The man bun is not new. It has been around for years, and has been worn by everyone from pretty surfer dudes to European soccer players. And, yet, when we saw this recent shot of Jake Gyllenhaal with a tiny, messy knot on his head, we found ourselves wondering: How is the man bun still a thing?

    It's hardly that we don't think men should have long hair. We're all for guys going long, short, curly, dreaded-out — We'd never be so backwards as to say that men must have short hair (in the same way that we love hair of all lengths on women). Still, there's something about these dude updos that rubs us the wrong way. Is it the fact that this look requires dexterity with an actual hair accessory? Is it our sneaking suspicion that bun-sporting guys think that they can get away with washing their hair less often? It's all very confusing, and we just don't know how to feel.

    But, hey, that's just our two cents — and history has demonstrated that certain men will rock that bun and probably feel super-suave while doing it. Check out our retrospective of man buns, and let us know: What's your stance on the male updo?

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