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Meet Chrissy Angliker, Your New Art Obsession

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    If you've spent any time checking out New York's art-gallery openings in the last few years (even if it's just for a free glass of bubbly), you've likely run into Chrissy Angliker or one of her paintings. The Swiss-American artist gained international praise for her innovative work, and signature "drippy" paintings. Just in the last year, Angliker began creating fresh works in her Brooklyn studio, using a whole new style of painting — and the results have jaws dropping.

    Chrissy's work has largely focused on classical subjects seen through her own unique lens. What made the drip-style so thrilling was the constant battle between chaos and control. She hasn't lost that element, but her brush strokes have taken on a whole new attitude and her color-palate (always shifting) is more vibrant and striking than ever before.

    While her recent work has largely been shown oversees, Angliker is back home with a brand new solo show debuting next month at the Superchief Gallery. Entitled "Bubblegum Nude is Out Of Town," the show explores the intricate relationship between finished work and process. Check out some of our favorite pieces (and Chrissy in her studio) here, then head to Superchief on November 14 for the grand opening.

    Where: "Bubblegum Nude is Out Of Town," Superchief Gallery, 9 Clinton St. (between Stanton and Houston)
    When: November 12-17, opening November 14, 6 to 10pm.

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