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11 Wickedly Sweet (& Creepy) Halloween Treats

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    Maybe this is our sweet tooth speaking, but one of the most appealing parts of Halloween has always been indulging in the candy. (Okay, that's definitely our sweet tooth talking.) Coming home with pumpkins crammed with candy corn, chocolate bars, and a rainbow of sugary bites was always a sign of success — and often, the guarantee of a serious tummy ache.

    But, we'd like to think our palates have advanced a bit. We've moved on from the typical drug-store finds and on to treats that seriously spook. We're talking bloody-bone hard candy and gruesome ground-goblin meat. And, for those who'd rather reserve the gore for the big screen, we've also tracked down coffins of chocolate truffles and Dia de Muertos skull cookies, which are almost as good to look at as they are to eat. We dare you to feast your eyes (and your stomachs, obviously) on the creepy sweets ahead.

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