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7 Celebrity Couples We Can't Believe Are Dating

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    Call us crazy, but we just can't get enough of celebrity couples. Maybe we're filling the void in our own love lives (cough, cough), but we love following every step of A-lister relationships. And that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, mostly, we're all about the good. While we were doing one of our daily (hourly?) gossip trolls, we came across several Hollywood twosomes that we had no idea were even an item. So, we figured, if pop culture addicts like ourselves were in the dark, we're probably not alone. So, for your guilty viewing pleasure, we've rounded up seven relationships that we totally didn't see coming. There are budding romances, flirty coworkers, and even one totally under-the-radar husband and wife. Here's to hoping some of this good luck rubs off on our own love lives.

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